National Minimum Wage 2022 – make sure you’re ready!

Do you review your employees’ salaries on an annual basis?

If you don’t, it’s even more important to remember that the National Living Wage for those over the age of 23 increases to £9.50 per hour in April 2022. So, make sure you are ready and update your Payroll software, because failure to adjust appropriate staff salaries to comply with national minimum wage could incur huge penalties.

Here are the new National Minimum Wage 2022 rates:

Follow this link for more information:

Here at JLP Payroll Services, we have the expertise to make sure your payroll is managed to ensure full compliance. If you would like to save the time you spend trying to keep up with the constant changes in legislation and the potential fines for unforced errors, we can help.

Call for a 15-minute chat to see how.

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