Reclaiming SSP

Reclaiming SSP The deadline for reclaiming or amending SSP claims because of COVID-19 must be submitted on or before 31 December 2021. You can reclaim up to 2 weeks’ SSP if your employee has been off work because they had COVID-19 or were self-isolating. You can only claim for employees who were off work on … Read more

Listen Threads Charity Competition

We love nothing more than helping local charities and this month we have committed to supporting a great charity that helps our young people: Listen Threads is a social enterprise run by fashion-loving young people who design, create and share important messages with their mental health inspired clothing ranges. We’re on a mission to change … Read more

Macmillan Cancer support

Cancer is not going anywhere and we have all been affected in some way by this dreadful disease. There’s around 3 million people living with cancer in the UK today, and over 360,000 more are diagnosed every year. Right now, millions of people with cancer are counting on Macmillan for physical, financial and emotional support. … Read more

“When did you last check your responsibilities for Auto-enrolment?

“When did you last check your responsibilities for Auto-enrolment?As part of our service we support our clients and ensure that they continue to be compliant with Pension Regulator requirements. If you are struggling to keep up to date with your own company requirements or have concerns that you are not compliant, we’re here to help. … Read more

New Health and Social Care Levy announced

Following increased speculation that the government was intending to increase National Insurance (NI) rates for employees, to provide funds to aid the social care sector, it was today confirmed that a new Health and Social Care Levy will be introduced. This will mean workers pay an additional 1.25%. Individuals who are above the State Pension … Read more

What are the latest furlough changes?

Commonly known as the Furlough Scheme, but correctly called Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, it has provided an essential lifeline to employers, helping them shoulder the employment costs for employees who were unable to work or who work reduced hours due to the restrictions imposed because of Covid-19. Currently, the scheme comes to an end in … Read more

Holiday Pay. Who is entitled to what?

In our experience, holiday pay, who is entitled to it and how it is calculated is often a source of confusion, especially in smaller companies where there is often not a separate HR or payroll department, so here ios a quick summary. All workers – including casual, part time and zero hours workers – are … Read more

What is OFF Payroll Working? Otherwise known as IR35

HMRC’s off payroll working rules – known as IR35 – apply to those who ‘work’ for a company, without being employed by it – usually a contractor of some sort. It mainly applies to those who do most of their work for that company to the extent that to all intents and purposes they are … Read more

Why Outsource your Payroll?

Calculating pay can be complicated, especially during the last 12 months because of the Furlough scheme. The key, of course, is for us to take everything off our clients’ desks and deliver what they need quickly and accurately, so they can get on with running their business. We have the experience and expertise to deal … Read more