Declaration of Compliance and Fines

by | Aug 25, 2017 | News

Declaration of Compliance and Fines

by | Aug 25, 2017 | News

£400 Fine for Late Filing of Declaration of Compliance Forms

The whole area of Workplace Pensions has caused confusion amongst companies, especially SMEs, who often do not have the staffing levels needed to be able to comfortably manage the time required to fully comply with the legislation. At least that’s the message that we are hearing from some of our payroll clients. In particular, the Declaration of Compliance is something that is causing problems and leading to fines of up to £400.

We’re finding that many of our clients have been running the Workplace Pensions process themselves, and at some stage when things aren’t clear, especially with the requirements of the Declaration of Compliance, the whole process becomes very difficult and time consuming. The numbers, it seems, are increasing, and if the declaration is not correctly completed and filed within 5 months of the stating date, non-complying companies are being hit with fines of £400.

We Can Help

As outsourced payroll professionals, we’ve been offering a service to our clients for quite some time now that helps them with the whole area of Workplace Pensions. When you look at all the things you need to think of and do, when it comes to completing the Declaration of Compliance form, it can seem daunting and many firms simply just keep putting it off until they get fined.

If you retain us to do it for you, then the problem is taken off your desk straight away. You know we will get it done, quickly, efficiently and accurately and for a lot less than the fine you might otherwise have got.

If we already do your payroll, then we will have most of the information required to hand anyway.

Contact us for Help With the Declaration of Compliance and Avoid the Fine

As outsourced payroll specialists and experts in the nitty gritty of Workplace Pensions compliance, we take the time consuming jobs off your desk, letting you get on with the job of running your company.

Contact us or call us on 0121 422 0550 for an in initial chat about how we can help.




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