Payoll Services and Automatic Enrolment

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Payroll

Payoll Services and Automatic Enrolment

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Payroll

Does your payroll fully support automatic enrolment requirements?

The Pensions Regulator gives the following guidance about Payroll systems and automatic enrolment for Workplace Pensions.

“If you already use payroll software, you’ll need to find out how many automatic enrolment tasks it can carry out. Speak to the person who deals with your payroll to make sure your software, or other payroll processes you have, can perform the following tasks each pay cycle:

  • Assess your staff, to identify whether you have any that you’ll need to automatically enrol
  • Hold the information required for automatic enrolment, including staff names, addresses, dates of birth and earnings, so you pay the right amount of pension contributions for the right people at the right time
  • Calculate how much you and your staff will need to pay
  • Generate and send the correct staff data including information on pension contributions to your pension provider and in the format required
  • Generate communications (e.g. letters or emails) for your staff at the right time although you may choose to do this yourself using our template letters, particularly if you only have a small number of staff
  • Handle staff requests to opt into or join your pension scheme, as well as stop deductions and process refunds for staff who opt out of it
  • Keep records for up to six years

If your software can’t complete these tasks, you should consider updating or changing it or speak to your pension provider to see if it can carry them out on your behalf.”

There is an easier way – Contact Us!

All of this might seem like an awful lot to do, especially if you are a small business, without a dedicated finance and payroll department. We often find that in such cases, the business owner ends up having to do it themselves, when they would probably be better concentrating on growing the business.

That’s where we come in. We specialise in offering our clients an outsourced payroll service that is quick, efficient and accurate, which covers all of your payroll needs, including Automatic Enrolment and Workplace Pensions. Call us on 0121 422 0550 or contact us to find out more about we can help your business.



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