The P11D deadline is 6th July 2015

The P11D deadline is an important Payoll Service

This year’s P11D deadline is 6th July 2015, and it’s rapidly approaching. The P11D is the form that has to be submitted for all members of staff who have received some form of benefit in kind for the last tax year. All benefits in kind have to be declared on a P11D, including: company cars and fuel, private health insurance, bikes, business mileage and even home phones. As you know, HMRC needs to know all this information for all employees and, as an employer, you might need to pay tax and national insurance on them.

We can help with your P11Ds

6th July 2015 is not far off, now, and if you are struggling with all the work that is required to make sure that all the information that you submit is accurate and correct, perhaps it is time to give JLP a call.

As with our payroll service, we also provide a quick, efficient and accurate P11D service. We complete the P11Ds for all of your employees, calculate the cost to the company and then file the P11Ds for all employees. The P11D process ought to be a simple one, but it often gets put back and back and is rushed at the last moment, and that’s when errors start to be made.

We can help, so do get in touch, or contact us on 0121 422 0550 if you need some help with your P11Ds.

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