Stop Press – HMRC Relaxes Real Time Information. But Why Delay?

It has come as no surprise to us at JLP Payroll Services that HMRC has decided to relax April’s implementation of Real Time Information Payroll because we could see that many businesses were unprepared for it.

Businesses employing fewer than 50 will now be allowed to report monthly until October, when they will have to fully comply with RTI.

HMRC said: “We have listened closely to our stakeholders and we have adapted our plans. We recognise that a minority of employers who pay weekly or more frequently and run payroll monthly may need a little longer to adjust to the new way of reporting.”

For us, however, the message is the same – let us take the strain for you. RTI will be time consuming whenever you have to comply, be it April or October, and HMRC’s announcement seems to imply that businesses are simply not ready, and it’s more than a minority from what we’ve seen.

So, if you are worried about RTI, don’t let things lie now until October. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll get you RTI sorted straight away. That way you’ll have peace of mind well in advance of HMRC putting the pressure on again.



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