RTI is approaching fast. Is your business ready?

HMRC’s RTI payroll requirements are approaching fast and here at JLP Payroll Services we are currently testing the whole RTI process. This means we can identify and iron out any problems before it all starts on 1st April so that we are ready and waiting to make sure we give you the Real Time Information payroll service your business needs.

In particular, we have been implementing some improvements to the RTI system to make the tracking of on-line filing even easier with HRMC. This is because we are starting to receive letters from HMRC chasing us for RTI starter information from new clients, which we know that we have already filed. To make this whole process easier for our clients we have a standard letter ready to send to the HMRC which proves that the issue is a teething problem with RTI at the HMRC’s end and not with us.

We are delighted to say that we have already taken on several new clients in the run up to RTI, many through recommendation. We are very proud of this as it proves JLP Payroll Services is delivering customer satisfaction to its clients.

Our HR team is also taking on new clients thanks to the changes being introduced by the Government over pensions, that are adding complexity to small businesses. JLP has a pensions’ advisor that we recommend in order to deal with all the legislation changes at no cost to the your company.

So for advice and help on RTI and Pensions, email us on enquiries@craigh44.sg-host.com

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