RTI and small employers – Latest News!

The latest on RTI payrolls is that it has now been confirmed by HMRC that small employers (those employing less than 50 people) are not required to submit their payrolls using the new RTI (Real Time Information) system until April 2014. This has been pushed back from the original deadline of October 2013 due to the large numbers of companies, particularly smaller ones, still struggling with the changeover.

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This is a sensible decision by HMRC, but it is only 6 extra months, and April 2014 will come around quickly, so now is definitely the time to look into the requirements of RTI and start preparing your company for the change.

We are still hearing from companies who have little or no idea about RTI and what it means. This is going to be compulsory from April 2014 for ALL companies, and we can’t expect HMRC to grant any more additional time for companies to get used to its requirements. From April 2014 any company not complying will be fined. So ACT NOW!

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