In the latest Budget announcement the Government confirmed they are continuing with their policy for 2022/23 in respect of the National Minimum Wage plan.
As such, we will see continued increases in all rates with the National Living Wage increasing by 6.6%. We are now at the Second stage with NLW applying to 23-year-olds and above and there is a further reduction of the age for NLW reducing further to 21 and this announcement is expected next year.
Make sure you make the necessary changes to your payroll once these new rates come into effect.

Considering worker type for National Minimum Wage purposes is the first action an employer should take before calculating if they have paid NMW correctly for all the hours worked.

Getting this wrong can lead to significant NMW arrears, up to 200% financial penalties and reputational damage if it’s not corrected before HMRC open an enquiry.

Act now ahead of the April 2022 rate rises to ensure you are compliant.

Regular salary reviews are recommended. If you require support through this process, then get in touch with Julie 

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