Changes to Working Pensions

Changes to Working Pension Schemes

The recent changes made by the government to the Working Pension Scheme really are quite considerable and require companies to put a proper plan in place in order to comply. This includes finding out your company’s incorporation date and then dealing with your automatic enrolment into a Working Pension Scheme, which is required at least 4 months prior to commencement.

Advice and help with Working Pension changes is covered by our Human Resources Services team. We keep all of our clients up to speed with their implementation date and can also put them in touch with a Pension Representative for specific advice.

Essentially, Working Pensions means that at some stage all companies must set up a Working Pension for their employees, with the employer and employee both making contributions. Our payroll system generates all the required reports for companies to balance off the pension figures to be paid over each month for employees and employers. We work alongside the relevant Pension Companies, making any changes where necessary.

If you are interested in help from our HR Service with Workplace Pensions, please contact Julie.

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