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Check your Payroll process!

Check your Payroll process!

During this last tax year, we have taken on many new clients. Several of them asked us to re-run their payroll from April 2022, to make sure that we had got a full tax year profile, of their payroll, on our system. During these transitions it was revealed that their previous payroll providers &/or their own in-house payroll administrator had not updated their software with changes made to NI contributions in July & November 2022.This error could have been problematic, for both the...

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RTI and Payroll

The July 2015 Budget confirmed the importance of RTI The announcements made by the Chancellor in the budget of July 2015 confirmed the Government's intention to put work at the centre of welfare and social protection. The Budget's emphasis, that year, on supporting claimants in work meant that PAYE and RTI (real time information) remain perhaps the single most important public policy and tax reform of those years because employers and HMRC's reporting and management of PAYE, through the RTI...

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Payroll and Christmas

Many employers give their employees a gift at Christmas, but have you considered whether there are any tax implications - and therefore payroll considerations - for the employee as a result of a Christmas gift? Here we look at forms of Christmas Gifts. The Christmas Bonus A Christmas bonus must be added to the recipient's pay for the payroll period it is paid in and tax and NI deducted as appropriate. Remember that if you want to give your employee a net bonus of say £500, after PAYE has been...

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Why Outsource your Payroll?

Calculating pay can be complicated, especially with all that's happening right now with the Autumn Statement 2022. The key, of course, is for us to take everything off our clients’ desks and deliver what they need quickly and accurately, so they can get on with running their business. We have the experience and expertise to deal with every aspect of your payroll ensuring that the regular legislative changes that HMRC brings in are acted upon. Calculating pay is only straightforward if your...

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Outsourcing Payroll in a recession

Every business is looking at how it can reduce overheads and increase efficiency, non more so than now due to the forecasting of a recession. So, is outsourcing your payroll the right move right now? In our view, few areas of a business are quite as ripe for outsourcing as payroll. So how can payroll outsourcing right now help you successfully manage your way through the current recession? The key reasons are: Cut costs: In our experience, outsourcing will almost always be the...

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    We have worked with JLP for 15 years and they are an outstanding payroll company and have managed our NEST pension. I cannot recommend them more highly.
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