Payroll services

Do you record all holiday, sickness etc.,

Yes! We record everything and can confirm how much holiday, sick etc., any member of staff has had during the year.

How do we find out about minimum wage and the effect of any changes?

We notify all our clients of any changes required for minimum wage at the start of September every year.

Is everything dealt with online for the HMRC?

Yes - we operate in line with all HMRC requirements.

Who deals with the Year End?

We deal with everything on your behalf, including updating all tax code changes where necessary, just as you would expect from a full service, outsourced payroll service.?

How do we get the payslips?

We can either post all the payslips direct to your office or direct to each employee's address.

How do we get any information about our Payroll that we require?

We keep secure copies of all the payrolls we manage at our office. We can either email you all the reports, or post them direct to you after each payroll run.?

How do we know what amount to send to HMRC each month?

We send you the amounts to pay at the end of every month or quarter, dependent on how you pay the HMRC.

What if we or one of our employees has a query?

We are a full service, outsourced payroll service, so anybody who is on your payroll can phone us with a query and we will guide them through what they need to do.

If we are a new company who registers us for PAYE for payroll purposes?

We deal with this on your behalf.

How does an outsourced payroll service/payroll bureau work?

It?s very easy ? we do everything for you!! We design a spreadsheet with all the standard information on, then you just enter the overtime, holiday and sickness pay details, etc. If you only have a few employees, you can email, phone or fax the hours etc., through.

Can you only change our payroll over at the start of the tax year?

No, you can transfer over at anytime during the year.

How quickly can our Payroll be transferred over to JLP Payroll Services?

Depending on the size of your business, within 2 - 5 days.

How easy is it to transfer your payroll over from either another payroll bureau or one that is run in-house?

It?s very easy. We can either obtain the information we need from where you outsource your payroll currently, or we can get the information from your software package.

? Contact us to find out how we can help with your payroll.