Why contracts of employment are important

At JLP we have an HR department as well as a payroll department, and one of the areas of HR that we specialise in is contracts of employment. There are, of course, many reasons why all employees should have a contract of employment with their employer. However, over the last few weeks, we have had … Read more

New National Minimum Wage levels from 1st October 2013

The new National Minimum Wage levels have now been implemented, and they apply from 1st October 2014 for all payrolls. Click here for an interesting article from BBC News about the changes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24340661 The levels are: – Apprentice = £2.68 per hour – Under 18s = £3.72 per hour – 18-20 year olds = £5.03 … Read more

RTI and small employers – Latest News!

The latest on RTI payrolls is that it has now been confirmed by HMRC that small employers (those employing less than 50 people) are not required to submit their payrolls using the new RTI (Real Time Information) system until April 2014. This has been pushed back from the original deadline of October 2013 due to … Read more