Know your Staging Date

Your staging date is key as it’s when the duties that go with a Workplace Pension start to apply to you, so you’ll need to be ready by then. Your ongoing auto enrolment duties must start to become business as usual from your staging date, just like real-time PAYE.

Staging dates are determined by the total number of persons in your largest PAYE scheme at 1 April 2012, from data we hold that was provided by HMRC. If you made any changes to your PAYE scheme before this date, they may not be reflected in this data. Staging dates always fall on the 1st of the month. Current staging dates are:

  • Every employer with more than 500 employees will already have reached their Scheme Staging Date (as of November 2013) and will have compulsorily enrolled every qualifying job holder into their new company scheme
  • Every employer with less than 500 employees must fall into line from January 2014 onwards.
  • The country’s remaining smaller employers (undoubtedly the greatest in number) will be encountering their scheme Staging Dates in the latter half of 2014, with those companies which employ less than 30 workers being given a bit more time before being drawn into the net from 1st June 2015 onwards.