Enrolling Eligible Jobholders

Time required: You’ll have a maximum of 1 month.

Now you know who you need to automatically enrol, you’ll need to provide the scheme with whatever information they need to get their membership up and running. You should have already identified what this is when you were getting your scheme up and running.

If you’ve postponed automatic enrolment from staging, you’ll need to assess the ages and earnings of each member of staff on the last day of the postponement period, to see who’s eligible for automatic enrolment. You’ll have one month from the end of the postponement period to automatically enrol any staff who are eligible.

If you haven’t postponed, you’ll need to assess the ages and earnings of all staff on your staging date. You’ll need to automatically enrol anyone who’s eligible within one month.

Important note: You must not say or do anything that could be viewed as influencing any of your staff to opt out of your pension scheme. This is referred to as ‘inducement’ which is a breach of the law and could result in fines.

Keep records of who you’ve enrolled. You’ll need to tell us how many you’ve enrolled into which scheme at registration.