We offer HR Services too

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Human Resources

We offer HR Services too

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Human Resources

We’re not just Payroll Services, we offer HR Services too.

As an outsourced payroll services supplier, we specialise in looking after the payrolls of small businesses that do not have their own finance department. Many small businesses do not have an HR department either, which can be tricky, especially when it comes to contracts of employment. Get these wrong and it can lead to a whole host of difficulties. This article looks at the HR services we offer in the area of employment contracts.

How we can help with Employment Law

Employment law is always changing and evolving. It’ll probably change quite a bit more once the terms of Brexit are agreed and the UK exits the EU. However, that’s at least 2 years away, and whilst our current employment law is still largely governed by the EU, we can be certain that the changes emanating from Brussels will continue and be implemented.

Keeping up with the legislation and implementing it correctly is vital, but can be time consuming, whilst not keeping up with it can be costly, especially if an employment issue ends up at a tribunal. This is how we can help.

  • We aim to keep all our HR clients up to date with employment law legislation. Our team regularly attends relevant employment law courses to ensure they are up to date, meaning that you are too.
  • Up and coming changes: we advise all our clients of up and coming legislative changes in key areas, including: the minimum wage, pensions and apprenticeships. The minimum wage is a particular case in point. There are now two types of minimum wage – the National Minimum Wage and The Living Wage. Both are increases annually, BUT at different times of the year and both have a range of exceptions. We ensure you are kept up to date.
  • Contracts of employment: we can produce all of your contracts of employment, and, if we look after your payroll too, when there are any salary changes, etc., we automatically update the relevant contract. We record all holiday and sickness pay, so that you don’t over pay on holiday entitlement, and also record all paid or unpaid sick leave.
  • Grievances: if any grievances arise with an employee, we guide you all the way through the process in order to protect your client and the employee, so that the grievance can be dealt with amicably. We will advise you on the correct procedures, step by step, and produce any written warnings or confirm any necessary documentation, as required.
  • Maternity leave: When dealing with Maternity Leave, we take you through the whole process from the start by informing you and your employee of the legal requirements and duties of both parties. We also carry out a risk assessment, if required, from the start, and continuing throughout the leave period and after return, should the staff member wish to come back.

Contact us for help with your Contracts of Employment

The message with contracts of employment is that getting them right from the start can save you a whole lad of trouble further down the track. So contact us or call us on 0121 422 0550 for help and advice.


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