Communicate to Staff

It’s a good idea to start communicating to your staff early on, about Workplace Pensions and automatic enrolment.

Part 1: Raise general awareness among your workforce

It’s a good idea to start communicating to your staff early on, about Workplace Pensions and automatic enrolment, to raise general awareness about its arrival and how they’ll be affected.
These are general, public communications such as posters in the workplace and information on the intranet, if you have one. We have some templates that you can customise and sets of FAQs to help you when raising awareness about automatic enrolment.

Part 2: Write to each of your workers about the Workplace Pension scheme

Time required: You must do this within 1 month of your staging date.

One of your new duties is to write to each member of staff telling them how the automatic enrolment law affects them. For example, whether they’ve been automatically enrolled, or that automatic enrolment has been postponed for them. You must do this within certain time limits, usually within one month of them being enrolled, or within one month of your staging date if you’re postponing.

What you must tell them is different depending on their rights and whether you’ve postponed automatic enrolment for them. You can postpone automatic enrolment for some or all of your staff for up to three months from staging.

Start planning these communications before your staging date, so you know who should receive what information.

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