RTI and Payroll

The July 2015 Budget confirms importance of RTI

The announcements made by the Chancellor in the budget of July 2015 confirmed the Government?s intention to put work at the centre of welfare and social protection. The Budget?s emphasis on supporting claimants in work means that PAYE and RTI (real time information) remains perhaps the single most important public policy and tax reform of recent years because employers and HMRC’s reporting and management of PAYE, through the RTI SYSTEM determines the level of a claimant’s entitlement to benefits through the Department of Work and Pensions.

The shift to Universal Credit, which aims to ensure that benefits should only top up a claimant’s earnings from the workplace and not provide an alternative to work is an important element of payroll, as it relies on RTI earnings data reported by employers to calculate every month what additional payments need to be made to claimants.

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Although the budget focused on Universal Credit, the benefits associated with it and the introduction of a National Living Wage, the fact that the whole system relies on RTI shows how important RTI is when it comes to payroll.

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