National Minimum Wage Changes – October 1st 2013

The National Minimum wages rates change on October 1st, meaning payrolls need to be updated for the new rates. Unbelievably we are aware of many businesses who are totally unaware that this legislation exists let alone being ready for the change.

In particular, one of the biggest problems we come across in this area is that of apprentices over the age of 19. Many companies are still unaware that apprentices over the age of 19 cannot complete 2 years of an apprenticeship at the apprentice rat. If they have been with the company over 1 year and are over 19 they must automatically go on to the minimum wage.

This is something we automatically deal with for all of our Human Resource clients. They know that they can trust us to ensure everything is implemented on-time and accurately.

If you need help with dealing with National Minimum wage rates, please contact us.

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