Case Study of a Hairdresser

We saw a cry for help online from a hairdresser that was taking on their first member of staff, they had completed the HMRC registration online until they got to a point where they got stuck!

We offered to help talk them through the rest of the registration, so that they would be compliant and able to run payroll correctly.

Following a short telephone conversation, they decided that they didn’t want or need the hassle of trying to deal with payroll and that their skills were far better used doing what they do best, Hair!

The value to them far outweighed the cost of outsourcing their payroll responsibilities to us.

– Newsflash –

in addition to running the payroll, the issue of a workplace pension reared its ugly head and after several attempts to set this up, they admitted defeat and called us to deal with that too. Happy client, happy employee!

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