Case Study of an Insurance Brokerage

Through one of our networking events, we connected with a family insurance broker, who’s previous experience as an international HR manager meant he was more than qualified to undertake the responsibilities of running payroll for their company of 12 employees. 

During our initial chat we did not pursue their payroll business, in view of his experience, however, all was not as it seemed. Following a few days consideration and a bill for their annual payroll software, he called us to discuss their payroll requirements and the cost of outsourcing. 

After seeing our proposal and costings (which were far less than that of the annual software fee) the client realised that not only would they be saving money by reducing their outgoings but they would also be adding value by providing him with more time to work on his business to increase profitability. We now run their payroll and look after their workplace pension autoenrollment.

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