Case Study of a Tile Company

The company were quite happily running their payroll without a hitch, however, that all changed when Workplace Pensions became compulsory.

The company set up a pension scheme, but couldn’t comprehend how to report and integrate the pension payments into their payroll software programme. 

This resulted in the Pension Regulator sending them a fine for non-compliance which the company continued to ignore, as they didn’t know how to resolve the issue. They finally decided to contact us.

 We re-ran 18 months payroll (the length of time the pension should have been implemented) and set up a new pension scheme, as they couldn’t gain access the scheme they had originally set up. We worked out an affordable plan to pay back dated pension contributions to the pension scheme and a repayment plan for employees to pay the backdated contributions to the company. We finally liaised with the Pension Regulator and the Pension scheme and completed necessary paperwork to make them compliant. 

The company were very relieved and grateful and have retained our services for the foreseeable future.

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