Outsourced Payroll Service and the Living Wage

Is your Payroll ready for the Living Wage?

The new living wage comes in on 1st April 2016, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has issued the following 4 point checklist for employees to smooth implementation:

“Businesses are being advised to prepare early for the changes on 1 April 2016, when the new Living Wage will become law, and make sure they follow these 4 simple steps:

??????know the correct rate of pay ? ?7.20 per hour for staff aged 25 and over
??????find out which staff are eligible for the new rate
??????update the company payroll in time for 1 April 2016
??????communicate the changes to staff as soon as possible”


If you run a small business and don’t have an in-house or full time HR and/or financial department to implement the National Living Wage into your payroll systems, then why not let us take the strain for you.

We know all about the Living Wage and its implications for Payrolls, and letting us do it for you means that you can concentrate on growing your business knowing that your Living Wage responsibilities are all covered.

Contact us or call us on 0121 422 0550?for a free quotation.

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