Year End is Approaching – Again. We Can Help!

As many of you know, the tax-year end is fast approaching, again! Year end is a time when lots of payroll related problems can occur, so you might not think that now is a good time to think about switching your outsourced payroll provider. So let us reassure you that we can take on your … Read more

RTI Update – We’re All Ready To Go

Hooray!! We are delighted to confirm that here at JLP Payroll Services we are ready for RTI – Real Time Information and everything that HRMC’s new system can throw at us. All of our clients’ systems are now cleansed and ready to go!!!! And we’re now taking on loads of new clients who have decided … Read more

Our Christmas Hours

JLP Payroll Services will be closing for Christmas on Friday 21 December 2012, but as always for some of our clients who need their payrolls processed, we will open for a couple of hours during Christmas week. This means that all of our pub and restaurant clients can still pay their staff on the Friday … Read more

RTI cleansing has started!!

We are now cleansing all our clients in preparation for HMRC’s introduction of RTI, which starts in April 2013. RTI stands for Real Time Information, and it means that from April 2013, all companies will have to submit a payroll return at the end of every month – before staff are paid. This is a … Read more

Minimum Wage – Latest Changes

From 1st October 2012, the new hourly Minimum Wage Rates are:   £6.19 – the main rate for workers aged 21 and over £4.98 – the 18 – 20 rate £3.68 – the 16 – 17 rate for those above school leaving age but under 18 £2.65 – the apprentice rate, for apprentices under 19, … Read more

Workplace Pensions News

Starting from October 2012, employers must enrol their employees into a Workplace Pension, if they meet the criteria below. As an employee, when you pay into your pension, your employer and the government will contribute too. A Workplace Pension is a way of saving for your retirement arranged through your employer. It is sometimes called … Read more

RTI – Latest Update

RTI – Real Time Information – is still the talk of payroll departments, and outsourced payroll services, like ours. However, occasionally we are still coming across companies who are completely unaware of what it is. RTI means that HMRC requires that all companies with a payroll, whether weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly will have to … Read more

RTI – What is it?

The HMRC is well known for making constant changes to the rules and regulations surrounding payroll and all things relating to the various taxes and how to pay them.

This can be very demanding for small businesses, especially, to keep pace with.

Online filing & how we can help

You might have noticed that the HMRC are pushing companies more and more to file their reports on-line.

You might also have noticed that they are also looking to penalise companies who continue to send paper reports, including P45 (part 3), P46 for new employees and P45 for leavers.

Welcome to our new website

Brand new website launched, please give us your feedback.

We?ve just launched our new website! After 5 years of good service from the old one, we thought it was time to bring it bang up to date ? and here it is!